Vape through Water

I mix it up depending on what I want out of a session. If I need to quickly medicate, I use an 18mm GonG adapter connected to a bit of SSV tubing to rip Herbie through my Mobius 65b with water. A couple HUGE water-conditioned hits and the bowl is cooked – though even with water these rips can send me coughing due to their massive size. If I’m doing work at my desk and I’m not so desperate for relief, I use the whip and sip on a bowl which can last me 30-45 minutes. If I’m being leisurely kicking it on the sofa watching some TV or whatnot, then I fill a bag so I can sip as I please without having to be near the Herbalizer.

When I first received my Herbalizer, I really didn’t think I’d use the bags or whip too much since I had been using a VXC through glass for the last two years and had grown accustomed to the ritual, but I use them both and now can’t imagine giving up the options.

By green2brown

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