Initial thoughts first using a vaporizer

Some initial thought after first using a vaporizer.

The first couple of days, I tried to stay in the “Uplifting” range. (IIRC the name correctly… too lazy to walk into other room). I normally temp-step, so I might start this low, but usually never stay there. I figured, if they were going to the trouble to label temp stages, that I should try to extract using those guideline… as someone that is new to vaping might be inclined to do.

I am still amaze [sic] at how much extraction I kept getting. Now, as I stated before, not sure how useful the continued production was, but the fact there was ANY was impressive.

Also, this device is VERY easy to use. I just weight stuff, toss it in the bowl, do a quarter twist, and attach an intake device. Ready to go in seconds.

The next thing I’ll note, is that I really don’t like the whip. [DISCLAIMER: This is initial reaction… NOT from extensive use.] I think this is from two things: My old (READ: Ancient) vape was whip based, so I think there is some feeling of “going backwards.” Also, I have become VERy accustomed to the Ascent (using the GonG as a mouth piece), and enjoy slowly puffing away at that. That’s a draw length that’s about 1/6th of the whip length, so I found the whip length to be much more difficult to puff on. Turning on fan assist was like turning on a fire hose… okay… a garden hose.

So, it perhaps feels too much like one device, and OTOH not enough like another?? As stated, this is just from a few uses, so I expect my opinion to change as I get more experienced with using the whip. There’s one problem however…

I discovered the bags.

I’ve alway thought that bags were kinda gimmicky, and fine for parties and what not… In fact the only time I’ve tried them was in “party situations” when they get passed around a few people. Wasn’t impressed.

I kinda love the herbie bags.

I rather like I can drop them on, and walk away as the auto-fill. (I do feel, and I can be wrong about this, that it is perhaps better to hold the coupling down in the last 10-15 seconds. Oh, and like others, the fan run-time is longer than I need, and I shut it off manually, but it’s good to know that if I forget, it will soon shut itself off.) The bags are pretty fun to watch fill… although perhaps that is a novelty that will wear off? Or will it rather elicit a Pavlovian response?

I like the fact that I, basically, know what I’m getting. I measure out product first (so fixed variable), its the same product (control for not only strain, but things like moisture/cure), and if I fill a balloon, if I consume half of it, I know exactly how much I’m inhaling.

Also, I think the puffing is easier with the ballon. If I want to do a big hit, I can. If I want to sit there and puff for a while, I can. And at the end, if the bag is 85% empty, 20% empty, or 100% empty, I know how much I’ve done. This is not really something that I can control using my other device (I’m not gonna count all of the small puff as that just is a distraction from the enjoyment of slowly puffing away).

As an oddity: My girl did mention that the second bag from the same product at the same temp had a much better flavor, which might seem to be a bit counter intuitive, as one would think most of the terpenes would be in the first bag? I think I agree, but, obviously, more testing is required.

To end the weekend, I decided to go to the other extreme and go “intense”. I normally don’t go above ~392°F, but decided what the heck, let’s see how the other half lives, and went to 430°F. I did get very well medicated, although I found the vapor to be hard enough on my throat that I was limited in the size of the draw that I could engage in, and I still wound up coughing. Definitely not my neighborhood, but it was fun to see where other people live. Perhaps a water-tool would be in order, but I’m reluctant to loose the flavor.

So, all of this is just initial impressions. I don’t feel I have enough experience yet to do an actual review. I’ll need a few weeks of day-in-day-out use, to adequately review the unit. But, I haven’t yet found anything on the unit I don’t like. I expect, with the whips, that I just need to get accustomed to them and I’ll go back to using them as the primary intake source. Perhaps I won’t like the bags as much, but they are certainly much more handy than I had thought.

By Nigel

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