Good Idea from a Bad President, Support Marijuana Legalization

Obama’s executive orders to circumvent illegal immigration, delay of obligatory ObamaCare for businesses, and recess appointments are all cases where the president has over stepped his legal authority.  If you believe the federal government is empowered by the states as the constitution directs, then it is proper to states to first pass laws and serve as experiments for what ultimately appears to be the future of marijuana, or perhaps better framed as doing away with prohibition based on the joke that marijuana is categorized as a class I drug.  Either side of the legalization debate can come up with facts and convincing arguments, but what we need is the actual results from the Colorado marijuana laws and Washington experiments to de-mystify the impact and serve as a trail blazer for other states where the electorate approves legalization.  Obama will go down as the all time worse president, but in this he’s on the right side of the argument.  Marijuana should be treated the same as alcohol.

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