Colorado marijuana dispensary owner, 11 others indicted on 71 charges

If true, how could entrepreneurs be so stupid during these times when they must know that the government is watching their every move?  Could this be the action of an over zealous attorney general’s office, or are those indicted really criminals?  Could be, but either way defense attorney’s are expensive and there are lessons to be learned for those thinking about getting in the business.

A Colorado grand jury has indicted 12 people on allegations that they ran three medical-marijuana dispensaries as a front for an investment scam and an illegal marijuana-growing operation.

According to the indictment, the central figure in the case is 34-year-old Conley Hoskins.  In his defense, “The attorney general’s indictment is full of tortured and baseless allegations and is contrary in many respects to the plain language and protections provided by Amendment 20,” attorney Steve Peters said, referencing the Colorado law that legalized medical marijuana. “Mr. Hoskins denies these charges and looks forward to presenting his defenses in court.”

Among those named in the indictment are the dispensaries’ owner, several of his business partners, a marijuana-grower, a lawyer and a doctor. The 12 people named in the indictment variously face charges of racketeering, marijuana cultivation and distribution, money laundering, securities fraud, tax evasion, forgery and attempt to influence a public servant.

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