Following win, Colorado marijuana activists debate how hard to push

Statewide, 1.36 million voters cast their ballot for Amendment 64 to win by with 55% of the vote to win, passed in 34 of the state’s 64 counties. It won in liberal Denver by more than 90,000 votes and in conservative El Paso County by 10 votes.

Buoyed by those figures, lawyer Rob Corry said he believes activists should move aggressively to implement Amendment 64 to what he says is its full extent.   “We have a mandate,” said attorney Christian Sederberg, one of the legalization campaign’s chief organizers. “We need to lead.”

At a recent forum reported by the Denver Post, Following win, Colorado marijuana activists debate how hard to push, Sederberg said activists shouldn’t be concerned about pleasing the federal government. Regulations should focus on helping marijuana businesses fit in with their communities.  “We cannot give up what we won, … We cannot kowtow and lose what we got because we’re afraid of federal intervention. … They have the upper hand from the legal perspective. But we have the momentum, the spirit and the people behind us.”


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