Ken Buck rubbing shoulders with liberals in the Marijuana Amendment 64

Ken Buck who lost his bid running as a Republican Senate is rubbing shoulders with liberals against Colorado Amendment 64 with Democratic Gov. Hickenlooper and the Colorado Education Association.  The marijuana-legalization issue “cuts across many political lines” admits Buck.

“I’m usually not on the opposite side of Tom Tancredo,” said Buck. “And I haven’t been on the same side as John Hickenlooper or the CEA in a long time.” 

Amendment 64 would permit adults 21 and over to use and possess up to an ounce of marijuana, and establishes a regulatory and taxation framework similar to that of alcohol. Seventeen states, including Colorado, now regulate medical marijuana, but no state has decriminalized marijuana for non-medical uses.

Tancredo may be the best-known Colorado Republican in the legalization camp, but he points out that the issue has received support from a number of distinguished conservatives.

“This issue harkens back to the views of William F. Buckley Jr., Milton Friedman and Barry Goldwater, who said that government has no right to interfere in these decisions,” said Tancredo. “It’s none of the government’s business.”

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